Sunday, September 4, 2016

American Tap Craft Beer Festival

Having a passion for the great outdoors comes with a lot of perks.  One of which is kicking back after a great day in the great outdoors to a a chilled glass of ice cold craft beer.

Beer did someone say beer?   Yes I did.  Beer, beer and more beer.  Especially craft beer.  American is going through a Craft Beer Reconnaissance so to speak.  Craft breweries of all sizes are popping up all over America.  It has gotten so popular that the big beer corporations like AB InBev and  SABMiller have been gobbling up smaller craft brewers right an left.  Not satisfied with buying up small brewers, AB InBev is trying to merge with SABMiller, the home of  Carona, Miller, Coors, Fosters and a list of international beers that you have never drank.  As of last month AB InBev sweetened their offer of SABMiller by  increasing the share price in their 100 Billion Dollar deal.  If and when this merger goes through, it does the beer industry real harm because the real power is the distribution of beer not the brewing.  Distributors typically control what beers go into the market place where shelf space is controlled like gold.  With so many beers in control by so few, it is hard to tell when buying beer what you might be lining the pockets of the big corporation not helping a local brewer expand their market.

Because I love beer and the fact that may beer fests are outside, it just made good sense that I should cover these festivals.  For the past few years I have attended the Craft Beer Fest in New Smyrna Beach and the annual Brewmaster's Invitational  Craft Beer Festival held in Port Canaveral, Florida.  Both of these events are loads of fun.

If you are a beer lover like me and you like to sample craft beer from some of America's finest brewers, then do not miss out on the American On Tap Authentic Beer Festivals' event at the Kissimmee On Tap coming this October 22nd at 2 pm at the Osceola Heritage Park on Highway 192 in Kissimmee, Florida.  There are two levels of tickets which is standard at most beer festivals.  There is the standard ticket where you enter the festival at 2 pm and have three hours to sample beer. With this ticket you get a souvenir glass and live music.  The other ticket is the VIP ticket. With this ticket you get four hours of sampling with entry at 1 pm, souvenir glass, baseball hat, food voucher and the live music.  The ticket prices vary as to when you purchase your ticket.  The standard ticket starts at $35.00. It increases to $55.00 at the gate the day of the show. The VIP ticket is $60.00. Click HERE for the Kissimmee On Tap webpage for full event pricing and location where you can purchase your ticket. This looks like it is going to be a great beer festival.
 One last thought.  When I attended my first beer festival I saw all these beer lovers wearing pretzel necklaces.  I felt out of place. So the next time I attended a festival I had mine on.  You use pretzels to clear your palate between beer samples.  You might want to keep a squeeze bottle of beer mustard in you pocket just in case up want to spice up your pretzels.

Hope to see you there. Until next time be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors.

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