Sunday, December 11, 2016

AVEX Thermal Travel Mugs

Since Surf Expo last September I have been seeing more advertisements for thermal bottles on TV and on webpage advertising.  There is even a company hocking their special thermal bottle to carry your wine in.  There are loads of choices for shoppers this holiday season with everyone trying to out due each other.  At Surf Expo, Engle, Yeti, Orca and AVEX were four brands showing off their new products.  Some brands like Orca appeared to be catching up rolling out new products that brands like AVEX showed at the January Surf Expo show.  I have been using my AVEX 16 Oz. AUTOSEAL thermal travel mug for almost tow years now.  It delivers exactly what the AVEX advertises.  It keeps my coffee hot for 5-6 hours depending on the temperature the coffee was when I filled my bottle.  I like the large auto seal release button on the cap. I traveled from Melbourne, Florida to Sedona, Arizona in July for a photo shoot. I used my thermal travel mug and my AVEX water bottle on my trip.  Both work very well.

This year AVEX came out with a larger travel mug that holds 20 ounces.  They have also redesigned the cap and AUTOSEAL.  The thermal bottle double wall construction is the same on both bottles.  But the design changes on the caps are significant. Where the Highland has a release button, the Recharge has a on/off pin that locks the auto seal button from moving when closed. It is easier to lock the Highland cap than the Recharge. See photos below.  Another change is the threads on the cap and bottle.  The Highland bottle had inside threads and the Recharge bottle has outside threads.  Where the Highland cap opening and closing action seems rough, the Recharge cap opens and closes very smoothly.  The Highland thermal mug has a 5 hour rating and the Recharge has an 8 hour rating.  Even
though both thermal mugs have different operating characteristics, both thermal mugs do a great job in keeping your hot beverages hot.

So this holiday shopping season you might want to look  at the AVEX thermal travel mugs as a holiday gift.  You can order on line from AVEX by clicking HERE for the AVEX website or visit any online re-seller like AMAZON.  Merry Christmas and a happy holidays. Until next time, be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fusion Waterproof Speakers

During this holiday shopping season as you visit big box stores like Same's Club, Bass Pro Shop or any local outdoor retailer you will see many different WiFi speakers  with varying styles, shapes and price ranges.  Looks like this Christmas WiFi speakers will be under someone's tree.

At the September Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida I visited the Fusion booth to see what they claim is the first portable bluetooth water sports stereo.  The Fusion portable water sports stereo was designed in New Zealand. It was created to handle the rough treatment water sports enthusiast can subject their gear to.  The speakers come on white, blue and red colors.  The Bluetooth
connections is IPX7 rated. This means it has passed the most rugged water resistance testing.  The speaker also floats.  It can be connected to a surfboard or your kayak by using the puck mounting system.  HERE to visit the Fusion website.  As it was demonstrated in the booth, it had great sound and was easily connected and removed.
At Surf Expo the puck mounting system was connected to a surfboard in the booth.  You can see the mounting system in one of the photos below. Click
Looks like this just might be the gift for the person who loves the water.  Here locally in central Florida you can find the Fusion portable bluetooth water sports stereo at your local West Marine store. Happy shopping.  Until next time, be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors.