Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cocoa Beach VW Classic Car Show 2017

This Cinco de Mayo weekend along the Space Coast had more fun things to do beside going to your favorite Mexican restaurant to eat and drink Mexican beer.

On Saturday May 6th, in Cocoa Beach the 2017 Cocoa Beach VW Classic car show was held.  All the classic VW cars and  vans were there.  There were beetles, Karmann Ghias, 411s, Things, micro-buses and dune buggies.  Along with classic cars there were a few food vendors lining the main thoroughfare.  Most of the cars on display were more than 30 years old and exhibited a Florida Antique license plate.
I fell in love with VWs back during the 1970s when I purchased my first VW a Karmann Ghia in Charleston, SC. She was a British racing green coupe.  What a sweet car.  My second VW was a modified micro-bus converted into a surf wagon.  Purchased her when I was stationed at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida.  After the micro-bus came the VW Thing (Type 181). An updated version of the WWII VW Kubelwagen.  Did not keep our Thing long because the USAF transferred my family to Alaska.  During the first winter the plastic windows froze.  With a small child we need a care with glass windows and a good heater.
The VW Thing was not that car.  My last VW was a 1980s Westfalia Camper.  I purchased it in Germany from a Canadian soldier.  This VW had U.S. specifications so I was able to ship it home when I was transferred to Norton, AFB in San Bernardino, CA in 1984.  We lost the camper  in 1986 when it caught fire when the fuel lines ruptured leaking fuel on to the top of the hot engine.  You see the fuel tank was mounted directly above the motor. I later bound out that many VW camper owners had replace the rubber / paper fuel lines with stainless steel to avoid such a problem.  After that fire, I never purchased another VW again.  But today, I have fond memories of all the VWs my wife and I owned.

The Cocoa Beach VW Classic was a big hit.  There were loads of VW fans checking out all the different VWs on display.  At this show, the VW Beetles seem to steal the show.   Click HERE for my video of the VW Classic.  And click HERE for my slide show of my VW car and van photos.

Until next time, be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors.

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