Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fish Monkey at ICAST

At the 2016 ICAST when I was in the Chums booth greeting old ICAST friends, I got into a discussion about other brands when it came to light that the past owners of MOJO sportswear started a new fishing and marine product line called fish Monkey and that I had to visit their booth.  So I was directed to the Fish Monkey booth a few booths over and this is what I learned. 
Fish Monkey! What is a Fish monkey? Fisch affe ist ein handschuh.   James Rath and Tim Mossberg started Fish Monkey which is a full lineup of different types and styles of performance fishing and marine gloves.  At the booth I met Tim Mossberg, president. As I started talking to Tim, I was thinking fishing gloves are not new.  I can get them at many different places.  But the more we chatted it became clear to me that they were onto something.   So here is a question.  How many different pairs of fishing gloves do you have? One pair of fingerless kayaking full fingered for offshore, cleaning fish, and how about Nitrile Disposable gloves.  Typically to purchase each of these gloves you have to shop at many different places.  That is where Fish Monkey comes in.  Fish monkey is a full line up of all the different kinds of fishing and marine gloves all in one place. 
As I started to leave the booth, James Rath and I continued the conversation about their marketing plan and how they were going to penetrate the market.  After honing their skills making MOJO the brand it is today, James said that they have worked hard to make the purchase of fishing and marine gloves easy with a price point that will not break the bank.  Because all the samples that were being exhibited at ICAST were pre-production models retailers will not start to stock their shelves until later in year. 
Sometimes in the Sportfishing market place there are product gaps that need to be filled with a solution.  In this case Fish Monkey has done just that. Click HERE for their website and catalog.

Until next time, be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors. 

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